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Love 'em or hate 'em, the stand-up comics of 20th Century television were the original kings and queens of stand-up comedy. These videos are being "Shared" from YouTube for your viewing pleasure, just for the fun of reliving the "Golden Age" of television's stand-up comics. No guarantee is offered that these videos will remain "viewable" or that your favorite comics are represented here. The menu and videos may change over time so visit us often .


These YouTube videos are not of an adult nature and are suitable for most people 13 years old and up. These videos represent stand-up comedy routines that were once presented on regular television stations in the mid-to-late 20th Century. No HBO videos appear here at Retro Comic Spotlight and no videos are shared from YouTube containing adult content or offensive language.


All our videos are "Shared" videos from YouTube. Thank heavens for YouTube. Please feel free to contact Science Fiction for Thinkers.com with your Feedback. Thanks for visiting and come back again. We'll try to replace any videos that are removed by YouTube users. If you find a video that doesn't play, feel free to contact us. Thanks.


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Starting Aptil 8, 2014 Michael will no longer  be able to replace videos that  went "private" since they were added here or which "no longer exist"  for any number of reasons. Sorry about that.