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Fred Fortune was born in the 20th Century but he wasn't a stand-up comic from the last century. Before he tried his hand at stand-up comedy he was a busboy, waiter, apartment painter, fork lift operator, used car salesman, customer service rep, convenience store clerk and bartender. In 2011 he was part of the comedy team "Fred & Red". So he was.


In April 2012 Fred went solo and tried his hand at "live" stand-up comedy on the World Wide Web. Here's the result. As a stand-up comic he breaks all the rules. First of all, by sitting down instead of standing up. And, secondly, by writing all his own material just before each show. But, that's his style and nobody on Mars or Pluto or Uranus or in the 4D seems to give a damn about body language. So, why do you?


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In this off-color routine, Fred Fortune appears

as a black-and-white cartoon character. His idea.

Read the back story on this video.


Fred Fortune went missing all right. But not into the Fourth Dimension as many people might think. Unless the 4D is Cyberland. In that case, you go, Fred. By the way, Fred Fortune is not apologizing for being sick at the end of this video. He's repeating the punchline that was drowned out by the gong. You follow?


Read the back story on this video.